Visions of Home

There is beauty to be found in the pattern on a porcelain teacup, or the “patina of a working boat at rest.” In her nostalgic, lifelike, and sometimes whimsical paintings, artist Heather Neill pays homage to the ordinary — items that are likely overlooked before Neill captures their essence in luxuriant color and exquisite detail. Follow Neill as she finds inspiration for her latest painting, all the while expounding on her muses, which include her wife, Pat, and a handful of dear friends who are bastions of New England Yankee-ism. From the expansive blue of the Martha’s Vineyard coastline to the verdant green of her garden in rural Pennsylvania, see the world through this artist’s eyes, and get a peek into her process, as she explores what it really means to be “home.”

If you enjoyed the trailer above, here is the film in its entirety:


To see more images from the premiere, and to read about the weekend from Barbarella's point of view, please see her BLOG, which also includes much more of the background story, namely how Barbarella and David came to learn (and fall in love with) Heather's work.   

Read the write-up about the film in the Vineyard Gazette HERE (link includes color images, snapshot of the physical paper below).

 A full page write-up about the making of this film in the Vineyard Gazette. 

A full page write-up about the making of this film in the Vineyard Gazette.