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For producing and directing Art Pulse TV, David and Barbarella earned 7 regional Emmy nominations, and each took home a statue for Excellence in Arts and Entertainment Programming. 

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2018 Oceanside International Film Festival

From Haarlem to Harlem

Fatigued by incessant news of black people being shot and killed, and with the election as the final straw, artist Alanna Airitam decided create a body of work to portray black people as she knows them to be, which is far from the media's persistently negative narrative. “I was tired of the narrative that we aren’t worthy of being treated with respect, that we aren’t beautiful, that we don’t belong,” she says. Alanna set out to prove these negative messages false with images that reveal the “true grace, pride, beauty, power, and strength” of black people in the face of all they have suffered.



Winning the award for Best Documentary Short Film at the 2017 San Diego Film Awards, David and Barbarella's short 30-minute documentary film, "Tribal Baroque - Beingness" features two artists – one channeling a Pink Angel, the other an Egyptian God – who use operatic voices, violin, and dance to express life, love, death and what it means to BE. Follow Thoth & Lila’Angelique of Tribal Baroque behind the makeup and the stage and into their personal realm, an extraordinary land of their own making, where art and identity are one.

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Best Short Film

The first film David and Barbarella created for The Artist Odyssey was nominated for Best Short Film at the Viet Film Fest, and earned the Audience Choice Award for Best Short Film.

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These are some of the honors our films have received from various film festivals.

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For her writing, Barbarella has received numerous first place Excellence in Journalism Awards, awarded by the San Diego Press Club (one of the largest press clubs in the nation). The press club awards are judged by journalism professionals in other regions of the country. Barbarella's writing is lauded in multiple categories, with first place awards in Humor, Column, and Feature writing, and the extreme honor of a Best of Show for Feature writing.