About Us

We want to share your story with the world.

We are a boutique creative documentary film production team comprising multiple award winners in the fields of television, journalism, film, and art. We specialize in creating luscious and compelling documentary-style films that express the passions and philosophies that people and companies have for their work. The honest authenticity and visual elegance of our long and short films engage viewers and connect you with your audience. 

Salt and Sugar Productions was founded by David and Barbarella Fokos, partners in every sense of the word, who share a passion for art, travel, food, drink, and storytelling.   


Barbarella fokos

Barbarella is our Mistress of Story. Like Rumpelstiltskin, she can take material others might view as dry and dull as straw, and spin it into a golden, captivating narrative. As a behind-the-camera interviewer, Barbarella is exceptionally skilled at helping shy subjects feel relaxed and natural. Her conversational style of questioning probes ever deeper to get to the heart of each subject’s story. To each project, Barbarella brings over a decade’s worth of experience in all facets of media.   

Barbarella is an author, emcee, television host, award-winning columnist, humorist, journalist, and an Emmy Award-winning producer. She loves art, travel, drinking, dining, and raccoons.

She is most known for two things: Art Pulse TV (a 20-episode television program she produced and hosted that appeared weekly on NBC San Diego and COZI TV, and Diary of a Diva (her column, which appeared in the weekly San Diego Reader for 12 years.) Barbarella’s book, Diary of a Diva: Behind the Lipstick, was released on the 10th anniversary of her column.

Barbarella also co-hosted a weekly radio program on KOGO (a Clear Channel station), and produced and hosted two different segments for NBC San Diego - Stepping Out With Barbarella on NBC News in the Morning, and 5 Questions with Barbarella on NBC’s California Nonstop channel.

Her Youtube videos have drawn 2.5 million pairs of eyes.

As a writer, editor, and PR consultant who is known for having her finger on the pulse of arts, entertainment, and dining, Barbarella has been a repeat guest on nearly every San Diego news outlet, from morning, midday, and evening television and radio programs.

As executive producer, director, and editor for The Artist Odyssey, Barbarella produces, directs, and edits documentary films about artists, combining her passions for art, storytelling, travel, and filmmaking.


david fokos

David is our Master of Visual and Audio. A former hi-end audio engineer, David is often heard reciting the truism that viewers will sooner forgive poor video than they will poor audio. He oversees the audio set-up and monitoring on shoots, and finalizes all audio in post. As honed as his ears are for audio, so is his artist’s eye for visual. David is always searching for engaging compositions, and luscious details that will draw viewers in, a skill sharpened by working for 18 years as a professional photographic artist and for 12 years of shooting and directing film.        

David is an internationally renowned photographic artist and an Emmy Award-winning director. His work has been the subject of over 50 solo shows, and can be found in a dozen galleries on three continents, as well as in scores of museums, and prominent corporate and private collections.

David co-produced and directed Art Pulse TV, a 20-episode series that took viewers behind the scenes of everything art in San Diego County and Baja (which aired on NBC San Diego and COZI TV). His artist documentaries are award winning.

As executive producer, director, and editor for the Artist Odyssey, David combines his love of art and visual storytelling. A perfectionist in every sense of the word, David is known to roll his eyes and sigh whenever he hears someone utter the phrase, “It’s good enough.” Because for David, “good enough” is not “the best it can be,” and he’s not done with a project until he’s convinced of the latter.  



alejandro toro

Alejandro is our Latin Sensation and Master Drone Videographer. His communication skills in both English and Spanish make him the perfect cross-culture communicator. That, and he’s just a quintessentially likable guy. He understands diversity and is genuinely curious to learn about other people’s stories.

As for his own story, Alejandro has taken a firm stand in raising awareness about the struggles of his home country. While working for BuzzFeed, he produced and starred in an award-winning video about the current situation in Venezuela, a video that has been viewed over 60 million times.

Alejandro has spent his career jumping between being in front of, and behind cameras. In front, he’s a Venezuelan celebrity chef who has cooked for A-list personalities, including Gordon Ramsay, Wolfgang Puck, and Aaron Sanchez. He also cooked on the Nickelodeon’s Latin America series, “Toni la chef.”

Alejandro’s voice is one of his biggest assets.  As an experienced voice over actor he interprets important pop-culture characters for TV series such as South Park and The Fairly Odd Parents. He has voiced hundreds of commercials and narrated influential documentaries in Spanish, such as “Cocaine Cowboys.”

At heart, Alejandro is an explorer. He developed his bond with nature by exploring the wonders of Venezuela’s amazon, mountains, plains, rivers, and beaches, and now takes pleasure in being an adventure and travel photographer, documentary videographer, and drone operator.


Terri beth mitchell

Terri is our Queen of Design. Her astute observations are communicated with humor and wit, and her graphic design work is always tailored to perfectly fit their subjects. Terri has won awards across the design spectrum, from her logos and innovative business cards to entire event design campaigns. Basically, if we need something to be “cool,” we ask Terri to do it.

Terri is an artist, graphic designer, comedienne, and setter of trends. Her extensive design work can be seen on her design company page, PR1ZE.

In addition to her impeccable design sensibilities, Terri is a personality and performer. She wrote and hosted the regular segment, Terri Tries It, and she co-hosted the arts and entertainment television show Art Pulse TV, both of which appeared on NBC San Diego and COZI TV.

As an artist, she has shown several bodies of work in galleries throughout San Diego. Most of her artwork deals with social commentary portrayed in a whimsically satirical way that is unique to her.

In her Human Head Collection, Terri reveals that, despite her cat-like approach to them, she actually has a love for people, Michael Jackson in particular.